Things to Know About Indonesian Odds

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Indonesian odds often appear in bookmakers’ betting tables. Many people confuse them with Malay odds or Hong Kong odds; they don’t know what Indonesian odds are. The article 50jili ph will help you gain more information and experience playing this type of bet.

What are Indonesian odds?

The term refers to Odds Indo on the odds table. It is based on a blend of Malay and Hong Kong odds, so it’s normal for people to sometimes confuse these odds.

Many beginners think that this way of playing Indo handicap is difficult and contains many risks. That is, when the player chooses the upper team and loses the bet, he will have to lose more money than the original bet. Once you decide to choose the Indo odds, the bet level is one unit. It is also understood that if there is a tie, you will receive 1 additional unit for each bet ticket.

This point is a bit different from the American odds. In addition, betting on Indo odds is similar to Malay because it has positive and negative odds. In particular, players can win more if they win the bet, especially if they choose the correct team to win.

In general, carefully studying this type of odds will bring more opportunities to get rich than the risk of failure. The saying “if you risk, you eat more” is true for players.

Types of bets available in Indonesian odds

The index is one, showing that the payout level of this bet is one

Positive odds (underdog): If they win, they will receive a bonus greater than the bet amount (based on ratio).

Unfavorable odds (upper team): If they win, the amount received is less than the original bet.

What is the experience of consistently winning bets based on Indonesian odds?

What is the way to consistently win based on Indonesian odds? It is very simple, but that does not mean you can be subjective. For victory to always be on your side, players must also have experience, playing tips, and effective playing strategies. Below are effective playing experiences, tips, and strategies for playing Indonesian odds, including:

Choose to bet on your favorite matches

Any match of any sport has an element of surprise. We cannot predict things, so choosing matches of your favorite teams will help you be more confident. With the teams that you associate with, you will undoubtedly have a certain level of understanding about that team.

Side information, the real abilities of that team, will help your judgment better. But don’t forget to update as much information about the match as possible:

  • Squad.
  • Injury situation.
  • Home or away field.
  • History of confrontation.
  • Current form.

Information is power, the more information you have, the more likely you will choose the right bet and win. This will be better than just betting on your luck alone.

Calculate and look carefully

You already know what Indonesian odds are, but you probably know that not all odds and bets bring the highest payout. You should carefully calculate how much money you can receive when you win the bet. In addition, there is also the risk that you will have to take, from which you can decide whether or not to place this bet.

Don’t just look at the numbers given by the house and blindly bet on bets with high odds. First, you have to analyze the situation carefully. With doors that few people choose, you can earn a large amount of money, which is how the house balances cash flow and limits risks.

Everyone has their own opinion, but sometimes, choosing low-payout bets is much better. Compared to players choosing big prizes, most are tricks the house uses to attract players.

Understand Indonesian betting odds.

You should not bet with the crowd because this effect is extremely dangerous and carries many risks. Before playing, you must first calculate and understand the indexes given by the house. This helps the player not be passive, and even if the bet changes numbers continuously, he/she still remains alert.

You need to know the above about Indonesian betting odds shared by the 50jili website.

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